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Bela, our founder and herbalist, started formulating her own natural skin care and therapeutic products from essential oils and botanical over 20 years ago. Her love for natural treatments started as a child.

At the age of ten, she had a toothache so severe it would wake her up in the middle of the night. It was not a cavity. Her front teeth had pain and could be moved when pressed on. This was particularly disturbing as these were her new “adult” teeth. When she told her mom about this, she was sent to her grandmother Mita. Mita sent her out with her grandfather Papain. Papain took Bela out into the scrub, cactus, and mesquite of the Texas countryside outside Laredo and showed her a plant.

Papain pulled this plant from the ground, and showed Bela a roundish tuber on the bottom. He shook off all the sand and dirt. Papain handed Bela the root and told her to bite it, and chew it, and to swirl the juice around her teeth and gums. She did this, and then spit it out as directed, and then they returned home. Instantly her teeth and gums became strong and healthy. She never suffered from any teeth problems again. Dentists would tell her that her teeth were extremely strong, and she has lived with few cavities. In those early years she began her study of herbs, plants and natural treatments.

Then in the 1990’s, she suffered a serious back injury. Warned by her doctor that surgery would probably not solve her problems, and would make even worse problems for her in the future, she resolved to deal with her back issues by other means. She tried every kind of cream and liniment that she could find and over time was never completely satisfied. Her pain and fatigue continued. She found herself using a cane and back brace, and in deep pain.

Remembering her childhood, and her grandmother’s remedies, made in her kitchen, and sold to many satisfied customers, Bela set her mind to developing a deep penetrating treatment from natural oils, essential oils, and botanicals. After many tries, she discovered a formula that was very effective. After she had been using it for a while, friends and relatives started to ask for it.

Bela went on to develop other products using all natural ingredients and the completeEssential oils products were born. These products repair, heal, lubricate, soothe and moisturize the skin with natural oils, essential oils and botanicals. They won’t dry out or irritate. We are very happy to be providing products that are therapeutic and nourish the skin, From the Good Earth!

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You can view their handcrafted goods at our Going Local NC Raleigh Location

Owner: Bela
Contact: oligollc@yahoo.com
Location: Raleigh, NC
Website: http://www.completeessentialoils.com

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