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About this Vendor

Our business began in 2007, when we were struggling to find a unique gift for a family member. Don enjoys working with his hands, and was intrigued by some of the folk art he’d seen in weathervanes.  He began studying weathervane design, and metal craftsmanship – enabling him to ultimately engineer our deck and garden weathervanes, which are created to be fully-functional pieces of art.

Working with copper, we came to appreciate its beauty and quality.  We thus added our line of handcrafted ornaments, charms and copper wall art.  These pieces are primarily created from recycled, weathered copper –taking advantage of the natural colors and character created by time and the elements. 

Our favorite thing about our products is that each piece is distinct.  Because of the handcrafted process, and the natural coloring – no two items are ever quite the same.

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You can view their handcrafted goods at our Going Local NC Raleigh Location

Owner: Don and Laura Saddlemire
Contact: 910-327-0369
Location: Sneads Ferry, NC
Website: http://www.dlweathervanes.com/

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