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Nature is the inspiration for my paintings. They originate from something in the environment that captures my attention, when I cannot resist the urge to translate my feeling about the scene into a painted image. I am absorbed by the process and develop an intimate relationship with my painting; we converseā€¦ I tell it what I want, it tells me what it wants; we compromise. Like planting seeds in a garden and witnessing bare soil erupt into color, I watch with anticipation as my ideas come to life in color on my silk.

Most of my paintings have a tropical twist either in the subject matter or in the bright colors I like to use; this keeps me grounded in my Caribbean roots. The dyes sparkle with wonderful brilliance on the luminous silk, and even though I like painting with bold colors, the silk gives them a delicate softness.

I approach each painting with a sense of adventure, since the reaction of the dyes with the silk, like nature, is unpredictable. The promise of that adventure, that dance, that meditation, is what keeps me tearing off pieces of white silk from my bolt and painting them to life.

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Owner: Deborah Younglao
Contact: dyounglao@live.com
Location: Cary, NC
Website: http://www.deborahyounglao.com

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