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About this Vendor

In 2009 Diana began her foray into the art world with colored pencil.  She is self-taught using instructional books authored by other artists.  Her start was slow, producing only three pieces a year, due to a hectic corporate work schedule.  But after semi-retirement late in 2012, with more time to devote to artwork, her inventory began to grow. 

In 2014 she dove head-first into learning about abstract acrylic painting and is fascinated by myriad techniques in that medium.  The combination of colored pencil and painting provides the creative outlets she needs, detail and precision with colored pencil and carefree abandon with abstract painting. 

“Like my life, eclectic choices are part of my style.  I love color, but there is something to be said for black and white as well.  It’s such a thrill to explore various designs!  Experimentation is such a kick…the end result isn’t always what you anticipate!”

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You can view their handcrafted goods at our Going Local NC Raleigh Location

Artist: Diana Hrabosky
Contact: dhrabosky@yahoo.com
Location: Raleigh, NC
Website: http://diana-hrabosky.artistwebsites.com/

Diana Hrabosky Fine Art01
Fog And Fire 15x12_300ppi
Hrabosky Headshot Edited
Diana Hrabosky Fine Art01 Diana Hrabosky Fine Art07 Diana Hrabosky Fine Art06 Diana Hrabosky Fine Art05 Diana Hrabosky Fine Art04 Diana Hrabosky Fine Art03 Fog And Fire 15x12 300ppi Hrabosky Headshot Edited