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My first name is not a common one in the United States.  I often have people ask me how my parents came up with it.  “It’s from a book,” I tell them, “called The Far Pavilions.”  I’ll tell them how my namesake character is a Hindi princess.  Sometimes I’ll tell them what my name means, as well- pouring milk or water from your hands at the feet of God as an offering.
I share this with you now not so you can understand the origins of my shop name so much as to understand the names’ significance.  Within the meaning of my name and the book it comes from, I have found my purpose as an artist.  My art is my offering.  Each piece is a portion of myself.  All of them contain struggles and fears and sometimes bold experiments, and everyone has given me new courage and focus.

When I began creating art, it was through scrapbooking.  I believed that preserving photos and memories was the most important part of what I was doing, and I used that reason as a justification if I felt threatened by people’s questions or my own fears.  That lack of understanding is why I hesitated jumping into mixed media art.  I loved the work I saw others doing, but I didn’t see the purpose in it.  I saw only what was on the surface- I didn’t realize that so much of art’s purpose and meaning is hidden below the surface.

Once I began to push myself into mixed media art (and I do mean “push”!) I noticed not only a change in my talent as I practiced and experimented regularly, I saw a change in myself.  This is what art does- Artist or Collector, Creator or Observer- it changes all of us.  Once we understand that the meaning and purpose for each piece is not always displayed with bright neon lights for everyone to see, each piece becomes much more meaningful.  We will begin to see each piece for what it is- an offering.

I believe that the act of creation is sacred.  To create is to overcome fear, to study and learn, to see the world in new ways.  Creating opens the mind to new possibilities, crazy ideas, and ways to scale boundary walls.  By sharing our creations, we artists not only overcome our own biases, but we help others do the same.  The world needs more original art.   It needs more offerings, created with care and thought.  I hope that is what you find here at The Far Pavilion.

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